Winter News on reloading components

The theme for this news cycle is AGM, that is short for “ALL GUN’S MATTER”.

The above bumper stickers are available on the website. I am determined to have fun with this for a while and remain somewhat PC and under the radar, unlike last year’s theme! There is a customer appreciation coupon code AGM to use during checkout, for 10% saving on the shopping cart/ Valid through Dec 31 (one time use only).

Industry News
Much of what follows is speculation. People in the know are not totally forthcoming with facts. What is certain is Norma plans on increasing prices AGAIN. At the time of the writing, the percentage increases were not disclosed. Peterson brass is totally an unknown. MY stock delivery consistently (nearly two years of waiting) gets moved to sometime in the following quarter – after previously projected quarter has come and gone. To provide benefit of a doubt, Peterson catalogs 52 different casings, less than half are produced every year so a time frame could be extended out 2-3 years. Hornady bulk brass is not expected to become available. Boxed brass will remain a hit or miss.
ADG brass expected release dates:
7mm Remington Magnum and 300 PRC February 2023.
300 Winchester Magnum and 6.5 PRC expected 3rd quarter 2023.
The rest of the lineup is not forecasted that far in the future.
Remington is expected to supply the reloading market on par with this past year, so not a lot is expected from them – yet again. Nosler (which is a ready to load fully prep brass cases) or Norma cataloged most of the popular Remington calibers and per the sign of the times, not every cartridge will be available at the same time. The only exception is the 6.5 Remington Magnum. That one will be difficult, and I can find no alternative suppliers at this time.
Winchester is hinting that they will produce a larger product selection in the coming year compared to 2022. I predict a release of something periodically and by no means a “blitz” effort at stocking dealer’s shelves. I would also predict that the rarer calibers Winchester considers seasonal, will not appear. I’d rather error on the side of caution and be absolutely delighted if something desirable – like WSM’s or a classic, like 257 Roberts, is shipped to me.
Positive News
Hornady (click here to view) is doing a good job at keeping a variety of bullets on stores shelves. Duck Creek catalogs 228 separate SKU numbers with 170 on hand currently as we speak. I have been adding Speer bullets into the lineup whenever something of interest becomes available. Currently, Duck Creek has found a wide variety of discounted bullets. Source of this merchandise is customer trade-ins or purchasing inventory from failed businesses or private estates. “Discount” bullet shopping pages has a selection of 350 plus bullets to shop, not counting the discount pages that average between 100-150 at any given time. That is an impressive lineup in my opinion.

I recently added Northern Precision (NP) bullets to the lineup. NP is a custom bullet; each made one at a time. The selection found here is centered around lever action calibers and turn of the century rifles. Click this link to view the bullet line up. Currently on hand are Round Nose or Flat Tip jacketed bullets that can be used in 38-40, 348 Winchester, 35 Remington, 375 Winchester ,405 Winchester and 444 Marlin.

Alpha Munitions has doubled their production capabilities in the last two years and project to increase another 70% in 2023 and adding new calibers to their line-up . Expected soon (within next two weeks) is the 6.5 Creedmoor SPR, large rifle pockets are scheduled to be produced before year’s end. also in the works next year is adding additional calibers, at the time of this writing Bob at Alpha Munitions will not specify what the cartridge selection will be.

My wife and I appreciate your business, without a customer base I can not exist. We would like to extend are gratitude to all Veterans and First Responders, wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Need to get it all in so I apologize on the early wishes, this news letter is all that will be sent this year

Denny and Jennifer McDaniels
Duck Creek Sporting Goods, LLC