Hodgdon Reduced Rifle Loads

The two recipes was obtained from Hodgdon’s website reference archives on reduced loads


Hodgdon Powder Company has found that H4895 can be loaded to reduced levels. H4895
was chosen because it is the slowest burning propellant that ignites uniformly in reduced
charges. To create reduced loads, the 60% formula is recommended.
Find the H4895 load in the Reloading Data Center for your caliber and bullet.

Take the maximum H4895 charge listed and multiply by 60% (.6). The load may
be adjusted up from there to achieve the desired velocity and accuracy.

This works only where H4895 is listed. DO NOT use in a cartridge where H4895
is not shown.
Example: 30-06 cartridge with 125 gr. Sierra SP bullet. Max load shown in the Reloading
Data Center with H4895 is 53.7 grains. 53.7 X .6 = 32.2 grains. The shooter begins
with this load, and may work up from there to obtain the desired velocity and
accuracy for his reduced load.
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As noted in the powder description section, Trail Boss was designed primarily for reduced loads using lead bullets in pistol cartridges.
However, Trail Boss offers superb versatility in rifle cartridges producing reduced loads using lead or jacketed bullets. These reduced loads make
firing such cartridges as the 300 Winchester Magnum or even the 458 Winchester Magnum pure fun!
Where data is already shown for specific cartridges, never exceed listed maximums. Many original black powder pistol cartridges have capacities
where a full case to the base of the intended bullet, creates charges that exceed maximum pressures allowed by SAAMI. In all these cartridges,
we show data that stays within the SAAMI maximum pressure guidelines.
Listed below we show a few examples of rifle loads throughout the Reloading Data Center, but the fun doesn’t stop there. If you don’t see Trail
Boss data for your favorite cartridge we have a formula for developing loads for all cartridges and it’s simple to follow. This formula may be
used in both rifle and pistol applications:
1) Find where the base of the bullet to be loaded is located in the case and make a mark on the outside of the case at this location.
Then fill the case to that mark with Trail Boss, pour into the scale pan and weigh. This is your maximum load. Pressures will
be below the maximum allowed for this cartridge and perfectly safe to use!
2) Take 70% of this powder charge weight (multiply the maximum load from step 1 by .7), and that is your starting load.
3) Start with this beginning load and work up to your maximum charge, all the while searching for the most accurate reduced load. Once
found, the fun begins