Winter 2021 product news

Hello! I would like to wish my customers a Merry Christmas! And I do appreciate your support! I enjoy selling reloading supplies and that is not possible without you trusting my company to deliver the products you search for on my website. My goal is to maintain the products that you, as consumers, are looking for are found on my online store. If not, that reflects the item is not currently available.
There is a customer appreciation coupon code valid through December 31, 2021: lets go brandon . It is a one-time usage code good for 10% savings.
There will be pricing changes AGAIN next year, unfortunately. I wish this was not so, but this seems to be the new normal for now. The policy at Duck Creek Sporting Goods is to increase prices when I am affected by the new prices, not before.
1) REMINGTON is anticipating a 25% increase on bullets and probably the same on most brass cases. I expect the upcoming year to be a lot like this year, releasing a percentage of the SKU numbers at once in the early spring and not much afterwards. I would guess that most will be what they consider the core calibers and ignore the rest. WINCHESTER will probably do the same.
2) NORMA will discontinue all bulk brass in favor of prepackaged boxes. This will add to costs. I have already seen the effects of this new plan – with a 45% increase. I have been buying all the bulk brass I can find, packaged at 50 per cases a bag. This supply will run dry soon.
3) ADG (Atlas Development Group) and PETERSON are both behind schedule, with product now projected in March. Both state higher prices on raw materials as well as transportation issues getting the supplies in. The inability to secure raw materials is coupled with the ability to outbid the automotive manufactures for virgin brass. Both say they are having problems remaining fully staffed.
4) I am currently waiting for PRC cases. ADG’s game plan is March of next year; Peterson is planning on January. Hornady has not released brass yet in over a year and am not sure when that will change.
5) A new source for us with 308 type cases is ALPHA Munitions of Utah, the first batch is due in stock in late December. This will be boxes of 100 cases of 6.5 Creedmoor and 7mm-08 Remington.
6) A good source for monolithic bullets is HAMMER BULLET Company of Montana. Barnes and Hornady GMX bullets have been in short supply and Hammer’s are available, leading me to add them to my line up. Hammer is a very consistent bullet made from solid copper turned on a CNC lathe. Hunting style hollow points initiate expansion upon impact and typically retain 60-70% weight retention. Target bullets are non-expanding. This offering will work within the parameters of standard factory rifle twists and overall cartridge length to allow feeding in the magazines. Currently, Hammer has a complete line up on hand so special orders are accepted at this time.
7) The current reloading die inventory is extensive and stocked as well as I can. Currently in stock are 175 rifle die sets and 36 different handgun sets. I have all the various LEES and CH4D brand that I plan on stocking. Exotic calibers can generally be filled from CH4D. Email me with any special-order requests. I can usually determine within a 24-hour period, if available. For RCBS and HORNADY there are a few calibers I’m waiting on and feel hopeful I can find them in time.
8) The product flyer and 6-Brand Shell Holder Chart are free downloads and you are encouraged to do so.

Thank You
Denny McDaniels