Northern Precision Lever Action Bullets

Northern Precision are now available at Duck Creek Sporting Goods. This is a custom swaged bullet, made one at a time. Current selection mainly is intended for lever action calibers such as the 348 Winchester (200 grain FT and RN), .358 diameter jacketed round nose in weights from 200 through 250 grains, 375 Winchester, 38-40 Winchester and 405 Winchester, .412 diameter 300 grain Round Nose design.

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Also available is a rebated boat tail with a metal tip used in Long Range applications, this bullet is 174 grain 30 caliber bullet

Of interest to the 45-70 fans Northern Precision produces a cast bullet called the “BASE GAURD”. A flat tip lead alloy bullet that features a bore-cleaning copper disk attached to the base. Intended for 1400 FPS or slower and a great choice in turn of the century rifles which have a softer steel barrel. Bullet weight is 405 grains.