News from Duck Creek

July news from Duck Creek
Market update:
The marketplace is trending on improving, manufactures are producing at capacity, and I manage to find something new weekly. Most of my incoming is from previous back orders, June turned out to be a slow month and halfway through July I have not seen any change. Good news is prices seem to stabilize, which is good news. I do expect Peterson and Remington to be priced higher when the next batches are shipped.
RELOADING DIES: Majority of the new products on hand are from Lee Precision, able to find MOST of what I wanted to stock. CH4D in stock are mainly rifle sets, out of a few I would like to have. The other manufactures have been scares still.
BRASS: Mainly supplied from older orders, occasionally I find something floating around to secure. Hornady probably will not be available this year. Peterson I expect a small order in the near future. The Creedmoor’s are still listed as hopeful, 30-06 family of cartridges 9270 Win, 280 Rem and 06) probably not till November. Should see a sampling of their lineup.
BULLETS: Good guess, it is piece meal at stocking. Been finding and receiving SOME Hornady, nothing from Barnes and very little from Remington. Most likely going to start to offer Hammer brand as a monolithic bullet alternative; I am interested in your feedback. My thoughts are to offer the bullets best suited for stock rifle barrels, primarily with the 1:10 twist rate. Average price per 50 is $45. On the plus side, they are on hand from the manufacture and American made.

I will be away starting Friday July 16 through Tuesday July 20 and not expecting to be in areas that provide good phone service, if you need to contact me, e-mail is probably the best form of communication to use