Spring 2021 news

Hello from Duck Creek!
It’s been a few months since our last newsletter, so I wanted to share with you what I know is happening
in the industry as well as possibly shed some light on current happenings.

Lately, I seem to be answering the same questions frequently on items for sale on my website. I’ve
observed that many sellers in the industry will allow you to order, and pay for, items that they don’t
have in stock. And, they have no definite timeline when they will have the product in order to ship. We
want to let you know that Duck Creek DOES NOT OPERATE THIS WAY! My website clearly states what is
currently on hand and the quantity available at the time you order. Inventory count is real time! It is
not our business model to accept orders on items not in stock. Duck Creek only sells items on hand and
we do our best to ship within 1 business day where some sites may only have designated shipping dates that are at least several days out. There is an exception to this rule in regards to back-orders. On some items back-orders are allowed, this is product I KNOW I HAVE shipping to me that is at the most two weeks out.

And with the current state of affairs in the world today, I’m not able to tell you when out- of-stock items
will be available again. The manufacturers are not being forth coming about any news or details. I try
to pass on what I do know, but unfortunately, my sources are not saying much.

Currently, there is a limit on the quantity of boxes of bullets you can purchase at one time. It is difficult
to get inventory and there is no need to deplete the stock, so let’s be mindful of other fellow consumers.
I expect this limitation trend to continue for the rest of the year. If there is a quantity limit, it will be
stated in the item description.

The first arrivals from Remington are due in this week. It looks like a random sampling of bullets and a
few brass calibers.
• Nine handgun bullets from 25 through 45 and four rifle sizes.
• 22 caliber PSP, 30 M1, 30-30 and 45-70.

For the time being, the Remington bullets will be found in the category “JACKETED BULLETS”. When
more styles are available, I will have a separate category for Remington like I had in the past.

Still, there has been no word on primers. There are four primer brands manufactures in the US. When
Remington ceased to exist over a year ago, this created a decrease of 25% of available manufacturing
production Nationwide. Plus, with the huge increase in first-time firearm owners, the demand for
ammo outstretched the production capacity. As a rule of thumb, the reloading industry inventory is
basically, what the manufacturers elect not to use in ammunition production. In short, the panic needs
to subside, and the tremendous back-order logs need to be eliminated before noticeable change will be

I receive Hornady bullets weekly, but usually not in large quantities. I personally call it the “Bullet of the
Week Club” and I can expect a variety for both rifle and handgun, and never the same ones twice!
Sometimes, the selection is solely handgun, sometimes solely rifle and if I am lucky, both. Previously, in
better times, Duck Creek offered 160 Hornady bullet numbers. But I would suspect that they will not all
be in stock at the same time so the dreaded red “OUT OF STOCK BANNER” will be more noticeable on
my shopping pages (and more than what I like). On the bright side, I generally have more variety than
my online competitors.

So far, no brass has been offered by Hornady or ADG; with both stating that maybe in the 4th Quarter
Before I will see some. However new stocks arrive weekly from Starline, Norma and Winchester. The
selections are limited, but I try to buy the maximum allowable to offset the probability that once a
caliber is available that will be it for a while, maybe a long while.

Price increases are the new normal. I continue to see this monthly and varies between
manufacturers. Below is an email excerpt I received last week, publicizing what to expect.
• Barnes and Barnes Bullets: Effective Immediately at what rate? That was not disclosed.
• Powder: Expected May 2021 (5%)
• Winchester Brass and Bullets (10%), primers (25%), expected May 2021