Shoot-Thru Scope Cover Reviews

Don’t let what happen to me happen to you. Believe me it will not happen again, I got a pair for my crossbow and rifle. I like them better than flip up covers because you don’t have to worry about getting covers up. You just have to aim and shoot its that simple, because when hunting seconds matter if you come home with a trophy buck or watching it prance away. To learn more about these awesome scope covers you can go to www.shoot-thru.com they won’t let you down.

Valley View, TX

I hunt a variety of terrain and weather conditions and have used Shoot-Thru scope covers on my scopes and binoculars for two seasons now. They work as advertised, to protect lenses while in the field and allow you to quickly and effectively view through your optics without the inconvenience and distraction of flip ups. Previously, I would buy new covers after every season with shoot-thru I can easily change or replace the protective lenses in the field.

Marty DeMoss
Aurora, Colorado

Overall I really liked these covers. They offer an easy to read list of scopes covering most of the scopes on the market, which allows the shopper options to find a set of covers that will fit their scope well. The covers are made of good quality and durable material and should last a long time. I really liked the replaceable lenses since I tend to be hard on my gear and while I did not scratch these during this season I like having the ability to replace them when I do.

Lenoir, North Carolina

The lenses are clearer than the ones that came with my scope originally. I think I mentioned that the original covers must’ve gotten stripped off when I was going thru some thick stuff tracking a whitetail blood trail last season. Since the manufacturer of the scope does not make replacement scope covers that came with the scope when I bought it, your product is better than the original equipment and perfect for me.


I recently bought a pair of your scope covers. They were so easy to fit to my Nikon Pro-Staff scope. I love the clarity of the lenses. I am a Hunter Education Instructor. I took my scope to my last class to demonstrate them to the students. Several adults in the class got your e-mail address to check out your web-site and said they were going to order their own. Thank you for such a great product and thank you for the speedy service when I ordered my own.

Harold Bennett
Ridgeley, West Virginia

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