Scarce Remington brass

Calibers are manufactured in batches, some not as frequent as we would like. This is listed as “Seasonal” in Remington’s price list. Seasonal to us is not seasonal to Remington. This could mean once a year to once every five years or longer. Starting in 2018 Remington made a statement that they will try to get caught up on some long over do rifle cartridges. Only time will tell exactly what their statement means. I have created a chart that outlines substitutes that can be purchased from this web site or contact me to discuss special order options and availability. Any Special Order brass can be delivered to you on average of ten working days, Duck Creek only will collect funds if the item desired can be delivered.

Remington and Winchester has discontinued 25-20 W.C.F., 30 Remington, 30-40 Krag, 300 H&H Magnum, 32-40 and 35 Remington. Last spring the 6.5 Remington Magnum was offered on my web site and currently I remain hopeful to see another batch this year. Remington has not produced the remaining calibers on the chart in at least five years, some a little longer; these are the ones that Remington is referring to make an attempt to produce this year.

17 Remington Fireball Have on hand periodically, ask for back order details  $52.50
17 Remington on back order $56.50
22 Remington Jet PPU in stock, value priced, click here  $18
222 Remington Magnum in stock, click here $47.99
6 mm Rem BR Norma, click here $44.50
25-20 WCF Starline 32-20  neck down $25.99
257 Roberts Winchester in stock, click here $32.75
6.5 Remington Magnum hopeful for another batch in 2019  
7 mm Benchrest Only Remington  
7 mm SA Ultra Norma box of 25 special order $51.50
7 mm STW In stock click here $36.75
7 mm RUM Norma box of 25 special order $69.50
30 Remington Graf $49 for 25, click here 

old stock Winchester, click here

30-40 Krag in  stock, click here $30
300 H&H Mag Hornady box of 50 special order $62
300 SAUM in stock, click here $39.99
300 RUM in stock, click here $59
8 mm Remington Magnum Nosler box of 25 special order $67
338 RUM Nosler box of 25 special order $80
35 Remington in stock ,click here $27.99
35 Whelen in stock, click here $32.99
350 Remington Magnum Nosler box of 25 special order $61
375 RUM no available options readily available   


Duck Creek Sporting Goods has active Remington brass back orders on:

17 Fireball, 204 Ruger, 222 Remington Magnum, 257 Roberts, 6.5 Remington Magnum, 7 mm STW, 7 mm RUM, 300 SA Ultra, 300 RUM, 300 Weatherby Magnum, 8 mm Remington Magnum, 338 RUM, 35 Whelen, 350 Remington Magnumn and 375 RUM.

Normally we receive our brass as soon as available, this means I will have listed here for sale (and on GunBroker) before you will find on the shelves at stores and most on line sellers.  New items are added monthly, the best way to see what is available is to check back often and have your name placed on a waiting list.  Again, Duck Creek does not collect payments for items not  readily available.  Some items can be found on the shop pages and back orders are allowed, the brass cartridges that can be placed on back order are generally available and can be delivered to you in a timely manner.


Denny McDaniels

owner, Duck Creek Sporting Goods