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50 factory new NORMA  unprimed 300 Short Action Ultra Magnum (300 SAUM) brass rifle cases packaged from bulk.


History:  The Remington Ultra Mag series began in 1999 with the RUM, the short magnum series began in 2001, designated the Short Action Ultra Mag (SAUM). The 300 SAUM was designed around the sleek Remington Model 7 rifle. The same year Winchester released the WSM which is .085 inches longer so will hold about 4% more powder which in turn yields a increase 50- 100 fps higher velocity if compared to rifles with the same barrel length. The Remington Model 7 comes standard with 22 inch barrels while the Winchester Model 70 usually have 24 inch barrels. Performance wise, both can be considered nearly identical giving shooters a choice between weight reduction or little more speed. From a relaoders stand point, component availability of the SAUM is not is common to secure as the WSM cases.

Brass case mouths MAY not be perfectly round from the manufacturing process, this can be corrected by running brass through the size die (always recommended) prior to loading. Residue from the annealing process may leave a stain on the case neck that can be removed by tumbling. Annealing involves rapid heating then cooling to impart the shell cases with the proper hardness to securely hold bullets in place and provides flexibility to expand and contract through multiple firings handloaders expect.

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