Hornady .308 212 grain ELD-X bullets (QTY 100)


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Box of 100 HORNADY #3077 30 caliber/7.62 mm, .308 diameter 212 grain ELD-X bullets

Ballistic Coefficient:  .673 (G1) ,.336 (G7) Sectional Density: .319


The ELD-X™ bullet is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances.

All manufacturers conventional polymer tips in high BC bullets melt in flight. Hornady┬« engineers discovered  heat resistant polymer and developed the patent pending Heat Shield™ tip. This revolutionary new tip creates the perfect meplat (tip) with exceptionally consistent results from bullet-to-bullet and lot-to-lot.





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