7.7 Jap brass (Norma, QTY 50)


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50 per bag of factory new NORMA unprimed 7.7 X 58 mm Japanese (7.7 X 58 mm Arisaka) brass rifle cartridge cases ready for reloading., packaged from bulk

HISTORY:  The 7.7 × 58 mm Arisaka cartridge, (Type 99 rimless 7.7 mm or 7.7mm Japanese) was a rifle cartridge which was used in the Imperial Japanese Army’s Arisaka Type 99 Rifle and machine guns, and was the standard light cartridge for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service, such as the Type 89. The Imperial Japanese Navy (and her Air Service) never shared weapons or ammunition with the Army, instead adopting the 7.7x56mmR, a direct copy of the .303 British round.





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