6mm BR brass, SRP (Alpha, QTY 100)


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6mm BR, 6BR Norma, 6BR-6mm Bench Rest brass for sale

100 factory new ALPHA MUNITIONS unprimed 6mm BR (6mm Bench Rest) brass rifle cases, packaged in 100-round plastic ammo box. SMALL RIFLE PRIMER

Optimized Case Design (OCD) represents a major breakthrough in case design by addressing the four sets of criteria that make a cartridge case great.

  1. Tooling is designed to produce ultra-consistent internal case capacity
  2. Neck Tension that holds a bullet snug and uniform.
  3. Harness of the case, harder throughout the body, softer at the neck and shoulder.
  4. Flash Holes that are clean and symmetrical.

NOTE: The 6mm BR that is most commonly used today is also called 6mm Norma BR, “6BR Norma”, or just plain “6BR”. Norma started with the 6mm Remington Bench Rest and increased the base dimension slightly. But the official SAMMI cartridge OAL is the same: 1.560″.

HISTORY: Remington began offering SRP 308 Win with case walls designed to reform, the most popular was the 7mm BR.  1989 6mm BR factory ammo appeared.



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