458X1-1/2 Barnes fired cases (QTY 37)


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37 fired .458 BARNES 1.5 inch, formed from Remington 458 Winchester cases, some are primed

History: Developed in 1962 by Frank Barnes as an experiment formed by cutting magnum cases to 1.5 inches.  A few silhouette shooters built Remington XP-100 and used .458 diameter 300 grain bullets with muzzle velocity up to 1800 fps.  Later the military experimented with the cartridge for use in Vietnam in attempt to overcome close range ambush situations where the lighter 5.56  bullet was deflected in dense cover.  This test used a 500 grain bullet fired from a heavy barreled silenced rifle.  The popularity of this experiment was not well received, the cartridge performed as advertised, the delivery method was a silenced bull barrel bolt action.

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