40-65 W.C.F. brass (Starline, QTY 25)


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40-65  (40-65 Win, 40-65 Winchester, .40-60 Marlin, .40-65 Marlin) 

100 factory new Starline unprimed 40-65 WINCHESTER brass, packaged in 100 round MNT ammo box

This obsolete vintage cartridge was originally designed for use with both smokeless and black powder. Our case is properly sized to fit in even the tightest chambers*. Internal capacity is similar to that of Winchester brass. Wall thickness at mouth is .0095″ average.

*Note: In firearms with larger chambers, this brass may become shorter than desired after fireforming. Those shooters who wish to have brass that is longer than 2.090″ after fire forming and neck sizing should form the .45-70 brass into .40-65 as a good alternative



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