38-55 (.382) 240 grain RNFP bullet (Rim Rock, QTY 100)


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38-55 Ballard,38-55 Winchester

Rim Rock Bullets .382 diameter “COWBOY CAST”  240 grain Lead Round Nose Flat Point bullet (RNFP), packaged in plastic ammo box, 100 PCS

Brinell Hardness: 15

History: Introduced as a black powder rifle  by Marlin in 1884 for the Ballard target rifle, Winchester began to produce 38-55 caliber rifles shortly afterwards.  The 38-55 was later produced in rifles in the smokeless era (examples are: Winchester Model 94 and the  Marlin 1893).  The earlier 38-55 rifles can be found with a variation of groove diameters, some as large as .382 inches.

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