257 Roberts brass (Nosler, QTY 50)


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50 each factory new NOSLER unprimed 257 Roberts +P  brass rifle cases.

.Nosler® Premium Brass is designed for those who want to take finding the perfect load into their own hands. Fully prepped and ready to load, we’ve gone ahead and done the meticulous case prep work for you. Each piece is chamfered, deburred, checked for proper alignment, sized and trimmed to proper length. The brass is then hand-inspected to ensure exact dimensional standards and tolerances are met, allowing for maximum accuracy and consistency. Serving shooters time after time without sacrificing performance, Nosler® Premium Brass is made with quality materials for optimum case life and unmatched reloadability.


HISTORY:  Ned Roberts experimented with necking down 7 mm Mauser in the 1920’s, Remington standardized the 257 Roberts cartridge in 1934 and the deer hunters of the time had easy access to one of the great deer cartridges of that era.  Key advantages are lightweight rifles with minimal recoil. Medium to slow burning powders provide the best accuracy.

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