222 Remington Magnum brass (Nosler, QTY 50)


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Bag of 50 factory new NOSLER unprimed 222 Remington Magnum brass cases, packaged from bulk.


Nosler bulk brass was created for the high-volume hand loaders that want Nosler quality brass but want to do the case prep work themselves. Manufactured from the same quality materials and to the same tolerances allowing for extended case life and unmatched reloadability, bulk brass comes unprepped in non-weight sorted 100ct and 250ct bags. Nosler bulk brass provides you with the best raw brass for creating that perfect load time and time again.

History: Introduced in 1958 in the Model 722 and later a brief appearance in the Remington Model 700 rifles.  Original design did have the military in mind but was determined that the cartridge length of 1.85 inches was to long for the AR-15 system, this is what lead to the development of the 223 Remington which has a case length of 1.76 inches.



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