Hornady .308 178 grain ELD-X Review


HORNADY #3074 ,308 diameter, 30 caliber 178 grain ELD-X bullet. (click here)  This bullet has a G1 ballistic coefficient of .552, overall a long sleek bullet that has a reputation for excellent accuracy and has proven record on big game situations.  The ELD-X line is a bullet that can serve both in competition and hunting applications.  

The below target is showcasing a 100 yard 5 shot group from a Remington Model 700 Varmint rifle with a fluted stainless barrel shortened to 22 inches.  This rifle is chambered in 308 Winchester.  The load tested is Lapua brass, Federal #210 primers and a powder charge of 40.3 grains of Varget.  The muzzle velocity is recorded at 2,525 FPS