Duck Creek Sporting Goods

Duck Creek Sporting Goods LLC (DCSG) is America’s best source for factory new and processed cartridge cases. Processed brass is classified as ONCE FIRED or USED. All fired reloading brass has been wet method cleaned and usually deprimed creating “AS NEW” appearance. Used brass sold here is 50% of new pricing, Once Fired sold at 70% of new inventory sold here. Inspection period provided.. DCSG offers new and “older stock” bullets and reloading dies. We also have limited supplies of classic factory ammunition. Call us at 303-204-8058 today.  
                  250 SAVAGE $30 for 50
       BRASSbrass variety
        SCOPE COVERS,AMMOeverything_shooting_icon350x350                             BULLETS 22bulk_front
 DIE SETS Reloadingpimgpsh_fullsize_distr                              WINCHESTER 25-35 $28.50