7.65 french Long brass (Starline, QTY 100)


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Bag of 100 factory new Starline unprimed 7.65 French Long brass ready to reload

Starline 7.65 French

The 7.65 French Long was originally developed in the United States as the .30 Pedersen for use in the Pedersen Device, which was a conversion for the 1903 Springfield to quickly turn it into a blowback operated semi-auto rifle with a higher capacity magazine to increase firepower when necessary. With intentions of using the Pedersen device in WWI, production was halted as the war ended before any of the devices saw the battlefield. With the war over and no use for the surplus of Pedersen devices, almost all were ordered to be destroyed.

Years later, the French were looking for a new sidearm and the 1935A pistol fit the bill. The 1935A and 1935S pistols, along with the MAS Model 38 submachine gun were chambered for the .30 Pedersen, now renamed 7.65 Long. This .30 caliber cartridge is quite a bit more powerful than the .32 ACP and is capable of firing projectiles as heavy as 100 grains.

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