45 Colt primed cases ( Remington, QTY 29)


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45 COLT, 45 LC, 45 LONG COLT

REMINGTON Factory primed 45 COLT brass,29 PCS


HISTORY: Introduced as the 45 COLT the Colt S.A. revolver in 1873, load was 255 grain bullet behind 40 grains black powder.  Adopted by the army in 1875.  Army also utilized the shorter 45 SCHOFIELD.  The Schofield will fire in a 45 Colt which lead to the reference of 45 LONG COLT when requesting ammunition from the depots in a attempt to distinguish the two cartridges because many armorers did not know the difference (the Colt is too long to be used in a revolver chambered for Scofield)




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