38 Long Colt brass (Starline, QTY 45)


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45 factory new STARLINE unprimed 38 Long Colt brass, uses small pistol primers

Odd numbers of cartridge cases is the result of bulk bagging. Bulk brass is sold in barrels, generally by weight and it is not uncommon for odd number of pieces remain.

HISTORY:  The 38 Long Colt can be considered a short 38 Special and can be fired in most firearms chambered for 38 Special/357 Magnum.  Introduced by Colt in 1875 as a black powder cartridge as a slightly more powerful version of the 38 Short Colt.  Adopted by the Army in the M1892 Colt New Army Revolver and was used during the Philippine Insurrection and then discontinued shortly afterwards.


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