6mm Remington brass (Remington, QTY 30)


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30 factory new REMINGTON unprimed 6 mm Remington (244 Remington) brass cases

Odd numbers of cartridge cases is the result of bulk bagging. Bulk brass is sold in barrels, generally by weight and it is not uncommon for odd number of pieces remain.

History: Extensive bullet weight testing by Remington concluded that 75 grains was ideal for varmints and 90 grains for deer and that 1 in 12 inch twist was ideal for the new 244 Remington cartridge.  Sales lagged behind the 243 Winchester which was found in what many considered a more attractive rifle and hunters demanded a 100 grain bullet.  in 1962 the Remington Model 700 hit the market and the 6 mm rifle was equipped with a 1 in 10 inch twist barrel and the cartridges name was changed to the 6 mm Remington. 

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