38 Special/357 Magnum/357 Maximum 3-die set (Hornady Series II,new)


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Hornady #546527 3- DIE SET for the 38 Special, 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum

Our seating system holds the bullet, the case neck and the seating stem in perfect alignment in the sleeve BEFORE the bullet enters the neck of the case. The system includes a floating bullet alignment sleeve, a floating steel seating stem and a built-in crimper for benchrest precision. Bullets are aligned in the sleeve as they enter the die for optimum seating and enhanced accuracy.

Built-in Crimper
The built-in crimper gives you the option of crimping without the need for an extra crimp die thus saving a station on your press.

Most of our Straight Wall Sizing Dies feature a TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated sizing ring (gold ring). This eliminates case sticking and requires no lubrication. The super hard, smooth coating is used in high-pressure, high-wear tools to reduce abrasion, so it’s perfect for resizing relatively soft pistol brass, and won’t scratch your cases. Less friction also means less wear on cases, for longer case life. Spindle locks in place with collet lock for positive decap and easy adjustment.

SHELL HOLDER: Hornady #6, RCBS #6


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