358 Winchester brass (Winchester QTY 50)


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Sold in bags of 50 factory new WINCHESTER unprimed 358 Winchester (8.8 mm) brass rifle cases.  Winchester item # WSC358U

History:  Based on the .308 Winchester, the .358 Winchester was introduced by Winchester in 1955 for use in lever and bolt-action rifles. While it had not seen the widespread popularity as the other .308 -based cartridges, its brush busting capability still makes it an excellent choice for hunting any of North America’s big game. With the recent rise in popularity of AR-10 style rifles, the .358 Winchester is becoming a very popular chambering in it because the .358 gives the AR-10 just a little more thump than the .308 Winchester.


Brass case mouths MAY not be perfectly round from the manufacturing process, this can be corrected by running brass through the size die (always recommended) prior to loading. Residue from the annealing process may leave a stain on the case neck that can be removed by tumbling. Annealing involves rapid heating then cooling to impart the shell cases with the proper hardness to securely hold bullets in place and provides flexibility to expand and contract through multiple firings handloaders expect.


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