32-20 Winchester brass (Starline, QTY 92)


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BAGS of 92 factory new Starline unprimed 32-20 (32-20 Winchester Center Fire,32-20 Win, 32-20 Winchester, 32-20 WCF, 32-20 Marlin)  brass cartridge cases.  This cartridge can also be formed into .25-20, .218 Bee, and with special forming dies available from you can form a shortened version of the 7.62 Nagant cartridge.  Uses small pistol primers.


Odd numbers of cartridge cases is the result of bulk bagging.  Bulk brass is sold in barrels, generally by weight and it is not uncommon for odd number of pieces remain

The .32-20 Winchester was the first small-game lever-action cartridge that Winchester produced. It was initially introduced as a black-powder cartridge in 1882. The name .32-20 refers to the 32 caliber bullet of .312-inch-diameter and standard black-powder charge of 20 grain. Colt produced a single-action revolver chambered for this cartridge a few years later.


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