Sierra .264 (6.5mm) 100 grain H.P. bullets (QTY 100)


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Vintage box  Sierra #1710 “Varminter”  6.5mm, 2.64 diameter 100 grain Hollow Point bullets, 100 per box.

BC: .259  SD: .205

Discounted bullets are sold as is. Estate sale acquisition. Full boxes are not guaranteed and bullet count MAY be off. Actual bullet count estimated by weight unless specified differently. No returns.

Suitable for all 6.5 cartridges and extremely effective on all sizes of varmints, the #1710 is a great choice for the 264 Winchester Magnum. Quarter minute of angle accuracy is quite common, even from the 264 magnum cartridges. It is equally accurate in cartridges with smaller case capacities.

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