224 Valkyrie brass (Hornady, QTY 100)


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100 factory new Hornady unprimed 224 Valkyrie brass rifle cases packaged from bulk.

History: The .224 Valkyrie was introduced in late 2017 by Federal.  Besides changing the barrel any AR platform intended to shoot the Valkyrie can converted any  by using 6.8 SPC bolt and magazine.

The .224 Valkyrie is touted for its long range capabilities. While not the fastest factory .22 caliber AR chambering, its short fat case allows it to fit longer, high BC bullets. This means that it can keep a 90 grain Sierra bullet supersonic to 1300 yards, with much less recoil than other calibers. AR type rifles can be converted by changing the barrel and using a 6.8 SPC bolt and magazines.


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